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We are known for providing the U.S. Government, military, and multi-national corporations with top quality language training.  Our instructors work individually and in small groups with students to provide a personalized and proficiency-focused language program.

Tailored Training


The Washington Language Center staff has over 30 years' experience working with the US Government and private business community delivering superior quality, customized services to meet the needs of government and international business.

Instructors are native speakers who are highly trained in communicative teaching methods, multi-lingual, and multi-culturally competent. As much as possible, your training needs are match with our instructors expertise so that complex subject matter can be covered with confidence.

At Washington Language Center, our focus is on offering the very best in language and cultural services.  We emphasize student engagement in developing practical, communicative skills; when you leave us you are prepared to immerse more fully in the cultural context and bridge the language and culture divide.

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