Distance Learning

distance teaching

Distance Learning

In addition to our in-person class options, WLC offers private Distance Learning lessons for all our services - Foreign Language, English Language and Cross-Cultural Communication Training - so that we can effectively teach you anywhere in the world.



In our distance learning classes, your teacher connects to you online using a video-conferencing tool (such as Skype) to create a lively learning environment.


Through their focus on web-based materials, our instructors facilitate the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) integrating the outstanding tools the web offers (forums, videos, social media, and many more) while maintaing an emphasis on your ability to communicate at or above the level that your job requires.



We provide instruction to people anywhere in the world! We know your schedule across the globe can be tricky, so please share your preferences when you request a class and we will work to accommodate you.

distance learning


Call 703-243-7858 or email us today to request a quote, or for more information on how we can meet your training needs.

In a Distance Learning course, you need access to high-speed internet.

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